Waterborne Systems

Our line of Waterborne Epoxy Resins and Waterborne Curing Agents offers the reliability, protection and performance you need, backed by the local customer support Only Olin can provide, virtually anywhere in the world.

Waterborne Systems

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Product Name & Description Type

EEW Based on solids (g/eq)

AHEW Based on solids (g/eg)

Viscosity @25°C (mPa.s)

Solids Content (wt%)

Regional Availability

APAC - Asia, Pacific
EMEAI - Europe, Middle East, Africa, India
LAA - Latin America Area
NAA - North America Area

D.E.H.® 800

Polyamine adduct hardener DISSOLVED in water (storage/shear stable). Alkali-resistant so useful for ECC. Visible end of pot-life. In combination with solid epoxy emulsion suitable for corrosion protection on steel. Can be used on fresh concrete (immediately after being laid).

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 150 5,000 – 1,0000 50 EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.H.® 805

Standard for Coating on Concrete. Not compatible with Zink Phosphates. Calcium phosphates could be used but more expensive. Visible end of pot-life. D.E.H. 805 allows to develop roller coat formulations with a matte, satin or high gloss finish.

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 220 10,000 – 19,000 65 APAC, EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.H.® 810

Designed for best corrosion protection. Not compatible with anti-corrosion pigments (zinc-phosphates). Best for clear coatings with solid epoxy dispersions.

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 150 2,000 – 4,000 50 EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.H.® 813

Designed for faster curing corrosion protection, i.e. faster version of 7006. Can handle zinc phosphate (anti-corrosion pigments). NO visible end of pot life with solid epoxy resin dispersions. Should not be used in too thick layer > 300 mu otherwise “mud-cracking” can occur. Can be dust-free in 30 minutes (when formulated)

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 140 5,000 – 1,0000 70 EMEAI, LAA
D.E.H.® 820

Waterborne amine-adduct curing agent without free amine. Suitable for use in applications requiring potable water contact certification.

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 163 7,000 – 17,000 65 EMEAI
D.E.H.® 828

Polyamine-adduct designed for fast cure and excellent corrosion & water resistance. Good balance of fast cure and pot life.

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 365 1000-5000 40 APAC
D.E.H.® 815

New Waterborne curing agent designed to meet environmental challenges for high performance systems in waterborne solutions for metal corrosion protection (zinc phosphate stable) and standard waterborne clear coats in combination with type 1-dispersions.

Waterborne Epoxy Curing Agents 180 4,000-10,000 APAC, EMEAI, LAA
D.E.R.® 913

Liquid epoxy resin emulsion with improved reactivity, designed for 2 component coating systems.

Emulsions and Dispersions 167 – 193 100 – 400 67 EMEAI, LAA
D.E.R.® 915

Dispersion of a 1-type solid epoxy resin, similar to D.E.R.® 671 epoxy resin, in water with very low average particle size and narrow distribution. Absolute VOC-free for medium-high anti-corrosion paints. Also suitable for fast drying floor coatings.

Emulsions and Dispersions 475 – 500 3,000 – 9,000 47 APAC, EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.R.® 916

Emulsion of an epoxy novolac resins, similar to D.E.N.® 438 epoxy novolac, in water. For high chemical resistance and/or high temperature resistance coating applications.

Emulsions and Dispersions 184 – 204 5,000 – 1,0000 58 APAC, EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.R.® 917

Emulsion of a standard bisphenol-A liquid epoxy resin, similar to D.E.R. 331® epoxy resin, in water. 100% VOC free. Designed for civil engineering applications requiring improved crosslink density, solvent resistance and hardness. Also suitable as co-reactant in other aqueous systems.

Emulsions and Dispersions 193 – 204 3,000 – 9,000 64 APAC, EMEAI, LAA, NAA
D.E.R.® 926

Emulsion of  a 52% weight solids, non-ionic aqueous dispersion of a type-1, Bisphenol-A epoxy resin, the VOC content is significantly as low as 4.6% in this dispersion. Designed for protective coating applications requiring improved flexibility and adhesion.

Bisphenol A Liquid Epoxy Resins, Emulsions and Dispersions 500-550 100-1,000 52 APAC
D.E.R.® 928

Emulsion of a standard bisphenol-A liquid epoxy resin, similar to D.E.R. 331® epoxy resin, in water. Designed for protective coating applications requiring fast cure, solvent resistance and hardness.

Emulsions and Dispersions 500-550 500-5,000 52 APAC
D.E.R.® 930

Emulsion of a standard bisphenol-A liquid epoxy resin, similar to D.E.R. 331® epoxy resin, in water. 100% VOC free. Designed for zinc-rich coating applications requiring improved corrosion resistance , easy-to-spray and good water resistance. Also suitable for high solid content waterborne coating.

Emulsions and Dispersions 260-275 400-3,000 80 APAC