The No. 1 Global Manufacturer of Epoxy Products

The most reliable source of supply and industry-leading epoxy technology. That’s the secret to the Olin system, and the formula for your success.

Only Olin.

Discover New Possibilities in Pultrusion Using Olin Epoxy Resins

Olin Epoxy Systems enable unique processability and optimized resin use for high-performance composite applications with improved strength and unparalleled quality.


Know The Olin Story

A merger here. An acquisition there. Add in a lot of innovation and dedication to customers, and you have the catalyst for what is the world’s No. 1 epoxy manufacturer.

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Take Our Wind Energy Expertise for a Spin

We offer innovative products and systems that meet the high-performance weight and strength demands placed on Wind Energy manufacturers and installers around the world.

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Improve Your Performance

We offer one of the broadest ranges of curing agents, epoxy resins and diluents that improve water spot resistance, reduce blushing tendency and provide lasting protection against corrosion.

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